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Pairing is not limited to wine and fine dining. After all, beer flavors are as dazzling as Taiwanese snacks, and all kinds of beer from various countries can be found in supermarket and convenience stores. You can easily try beer pairing at home~
Lager beer (Heineken, Asahi, Taiwan beer, etc.):
Lager beer has a refreshing taste. It is suitable for potato chips, French fries or salted crispy chicken and other fried products. It can remove greasy feeling and balance salty taste; also bring out the aroma like honey.
Amber & Wheat beer:
The barley, wheat and fruit flavors are prominent; it can be accompanied by spicy foods, such as instant noodles, Pizza, and spicy chicken wings. The mellow and cold liquor can neutralize the spicy taste.
Heavy hop flavor beer (IPA & APA):
The hop taste is obvious. The aroma of citrus and white flowers is the main tone. It can be matched with roast duck, satay stir fried, hard cheese, spicy duck blood and stinky tofu. The bitter taste of IPA will become sweet after the heavy taste of food.
Dark beer (Porter & Stout):
With obvious roasted coffee, dark chocolate flavor and rich taste, it is suitable for sausage, braised pork rice, braised dishes, oyster dishes and BBQ. Desserts also go well with it, such as caramel pudding, chocolate cake, cinnamon rolls.

Common beer types & flavors

Fun fact:
Beer has fewer calories than most drinks and food. People get beer belly usually because when they drink, they eat more high-calorie foods unconsciously, resulting in weight gain. In other words: beer belly and beer are not directly related!