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About Products

Before shipping, we will inspect the goods.
Squeezing, collision, and friction may cause air to enter the vacuum package.
This situation is force majeure, it will not affect the quality of the product.
However it is recommended to finish the product as soon as possible.

Home delivery, cash on delivery orders:
When the courier delivers the goods to your door, please check the goods according to the invoice.
If any goods are damaged or missing, please return the entire order immediately.
If the order contains gifts, please return them together.
Once you confirm and give your signature to the courier, we will not accept any exchange.

Payment method

ATM remittance, credit card, cash on delivery.


Free shipping on purchases over TWD 2000(not include low temperature delivery).
All general goods will arrive in 2-3 days after remittance (except holidays).

If you choose cash on delivery, we will charge a handling fee TWD 50.

If you specify the time of collection, we can only ask the freight company to cooperate as much as possible, and there is no guarantee.

All offshore island areas (Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, Xiao Liuqiu, Green Island, etc.) and some remote areas (East Taiwan, Alishan, etc.) should have different freight rates.
Please contact customer service, the arrival date will vary based on the distance.

In case of force majeure (such as typhoon earthquake and other natural disasters) , system maintenance inventory inspection, etc., the delivery time will be delayed.

We provide special shipping method (such as low-temperature delivery) upon buyer’s request, but the shipping is limited to timely delivery.
When accident occurs we will assist in communicating with the shipping company.
The buyer may not request compensation before the arrival of the goods.

Please verify the delivery address and phone number in order to avoid unnecessary delay to the delivery.
For Wire/ATM transfer please remit total balance to the following:

E. SUN BANK 金鼎豐興業有限公司
Bank Code: 808
Account: 1252-940-005062

Company information:

Company Name: PB CRAFT Co., Ltd.
Company editor: 54749502
Address: No. 68, Liulu 7th St., Shalu Dist., Taichung City 433, Taiwan
Phone: 04-2631-3368 # 202
Contact Person: Huang Yu Ting
You can choose the method of home delivery, or you can come to our main office PB CRAFT Co., Ltd. Located at No. 68, Liulu 7th St., Shalu Dist., Taichung City 433, Taiwan.

Customers that order more than TWD 2000 of goods will receive free delivery(not include low temperature delivery).
In order to meet the needs of different customers, we provide convenience store pick-up.
For convenience store pick-up, please go to our Shopee online shop, you can search "金鼎豐興業有限公司" or "pbcraft".
*Due to the regulation of Shopee, Each order has to be under 5kgs.

Shopee Store:
After receiving the our product, if there are any defects on the package, please request a return or exchange within seven days from the date of receiving the goods, otherwise it will be deemed as if the customers are satisfied with the goods, any further request regarding return or exchange will not be accepted.

All items must be repackaged before returning (The customers will have to cover the postage for returning items).
We accept return for all products except for malt, hops, yeast, sugar, lactose, oats, and other food related products.

If you want to cancel the order after the remittance, we will charge for a handling fee.

In the following cases, we have the right to refuse returns:

1. The goods are damaged, but the courier was not informed by the customer(s) regarding the damage upon his arrival.
2. Return request was filed after the returning period(7 days after receiving the package).
3. Items were incomplete when returned or damaged by the customer(s).
4. Returning a product that was not provided by us
5. Products on sales.
You can add the item(s) you want into the shopping cart to start checkout and select the payment method, the right side of the page will show "first purchase” if you are not already a member, click it to enter personal information!
After the order is confirmed, you will officially become a member!
Due to new laws, delivery service on Sunday and national holiday will not be available.
If you forgot your password, please click "Member Login", and click "Forgot Password" after you enter the registered email, our system will automatically send the password reset notification to your registered email.
Please click the link in your email to reset the password.
The items sold on the online store are the same as those in the physical store.
And you are also welcome to purchase from our physical store.
Under normal circumstances, you can visit our website without providing your name or other personal information.
But for the purpose of processing your order, contacting you, or providing reservation service, we may need some of your basic information to ensure the transactions roll out smoothly and that every customer can receive the best service.

Your personal information will be used for:
1. Related parties such as our website transactions and communication.
2. Keeping in touch with you to carry out customer satisfaction surveys, market research or other matters.
3. Anonymous data analysis (such as click traffic data).
4. Building our business relationship (if you are a business partner or wholesaler of our website).