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About Us


Founded in 2013, PB CRAFT was the first craft beer raw material supplier in Taiwan. We’ve been providing raw materials for more than 30 breweries, and educational units for thousands of brewers. We are one of the few companies in Taiwan that supply all aspects of raw materials and home brewing equipment for beer.

We provide various brands and chromaticity of malts and extracts from different countries, and a wide range of products. If the customers do not feel like purchasing the equipment, we malt crushing service is available. If there are any special needs relating to malt selection, we can assist in inquiring foreign suppliers.

Quality Goods & Services

In order to uphold the quality of our hops, they are delivered by air from our supplier. Once they arrive, we place them in frozen storage at negative 19 degrees Celsius, so that the freshness and aroma can be perfectly preserved.

Other than the dry yeast that we imported from Australia and Europe, we also cooperate with local brands in Taiwan to provide liquid yeast orders if needed.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner, we have various brewing kits with different styles based on personal preference, whether you are a beginner or an advanced brewer, you can find your favorite recipe at our store.