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Crisp Premium Distilling Malt 1kg



Crisp Premium Distilling Malt(UK)

Made from spring distilling approved varieties, our Premium Distilling Malt is GN(glycosidic nitrile) free to avoid any ethyl carbamate issues in the still. Flavourful and high alcohol yielding, this malt is the workhorse of many a Scottish distillery. The north east of Scotland produces especially low nitrogen barley which translates into excellent spirit yield in the distillery.

With enough diastatic power to convert itself and other malts, you can combine it with our speciality malts to create complex and layered whiskies.

*The packaging vacuum of the malt is confirmed before shipment. If the vacuum is lost due to collision during transportation, it will not affect the use.
* The purpose of rolling barley is to smash the barley to facilitate saccharification, and it will not be crushed very finely.